The Turning Point – By Jennica Wlodarczyk

The room was dark. My face was scarred with dried tears, and my heart was cracking, crumbling; becoming completely lifeless. I could feel that my life was coming to a close. I had lost everything, and now I was losing my will to live.

I looked down at my arms. Instead of seeing light blue lines underneath my skin, I saw veins of the utmost black. Instead of being powered by my own blood, I was being powered by darkness. And darkness didn’t have the power to keep me alive anymore.

A slight moan escaped my lips, and I fell to the ground, my fall stopped only by my weak hands and knees. My life force was flickering away before my eyes. I literally saw the scale flat-lining. My body shook as I attempted to stand again. But every time I pushed up with my arms, an unseen force would pin me back down to the ground. My energy was being drained. My eyes were flickering.

And then, I fell.

The cold ground swallowed me up in a single bite as my body hit the floor. There was nothing left to lose. I knew that there was one thing that could save me, but I hadn’t called on that source of energy in years … would the other side still accept me?

There wasn’t much of a choice. There was nothing left to lose.

The ground broke. It was an indescribable happening. It was as if the ground just dissolved into a black abyss, and threw me into the inner depths of its destruction. With the last ounce of energy I had, I reached my hands skyward. And then I screamed.

Everything went black for a moment. For a moment, I was gone. Everything had ended. I had ended.

But then, just as quickly as everything had turned to darkness, an explosion of light surrounded me.

I had stopped falling. Was I … floating? I opened my eyes, feeling a surge of energy pulse through my body. I looked down at my arms, almost afraid of what I was undoubtedly going to see. The black matter in my veins was gone. Instead, pure light energy was pulsing through my veins.

The explosion of light had come from inside me.

My heart was beating.

I was alive.

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  1. Congratulations, Jennica. A great description of the turning point in one’s life. I enjoyed reading it. And many others did as well. By now – and it is just past noon time your time – 33 people have read your article. Thus far the most read article on the webpage. Keep it up, young lady.

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