Dream On

By Jennica Wlodarczyk

Do you ever just think?

No, I’m not referring to the countless hours you spend thinking about schoolwork, or about that guy down the street you haven’t got the bravery to talk to, or about how much you really want that new video game that just came out; I’m referring to the kind of thinking that’s more than fantasizing or practical, the kind of thinking that truly helps you grow and expand your mind’s borders. We all have that forbidden zone in our heads, the one that’s lined with signs that say, “DO NOT ENTER!”, “YOU’LL NEVER MAKE IT!”, and “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” Maybe some of you spend a lot of time thinking in that forbidden zone. Maybe some of you hardly know it even exists. But to all of you – and I do mean all of you – if we’re thinking about the same forbidden zone, I’m talking about a good place.

Many of us have dreams. Scratch that; all of us have dreams, but not all of us can quite see them yet. Dreams are God-given urges in our heart, God-given skills that are so real and so vibrantly-coloured in our minds that we can see them, feel them, and taste them already. For those of us who can see our dreams, we know that pushing through to see these dreams come forth is a hard thing. More times than never, other people do all that they can to push your dreams down. Parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and other people who might not mean to oftentimes crush our confidence. They tell us to stop dreaming and to come back down to reality, or that our dreams are way too crazy and will never come to be.

Go to that dreamer’s space, my friends. For that is the Forbidden Zone. Once you cross the lines of the Forbidden Zone, once you realize that your dreams are within your reach… that’s when you will find your life suddenly working out. Your dreams pull out the best in you, just as they were created to. You will discover life in your dreams, hope in them, and if you persevere and push through the lying forces, you will undoubtedly succeed.

So dream on.

Go into that Forbidden Zone, my friends. Find out who you really are. For when you do, nothing can stop you.

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