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6 responses to “The Rainbow Centre Blog”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Great website! Go get them tiger….

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    How can Christ be in us if we are not born again?

  3. Mike Avatar

    How can He not be in us if He is the seed sown by God into all the earth?

  4. Jennica W Avatar
    Jennica W

    Christ is in us because (example): Say you saw some money lying on the table, and you know that it was your mom’s money, and you still wanted it. You hear a voice in your mind (the Holy Spirit)saying that it isn’t a good idea to take it. That can happen to people who aren’t born again.

  5. Jennica W. Avatar
    Jennica W.

    I love the ‘SPIRIT, the final frontier…’ thing. Two things come to my mind: It’s SO the truth, and : Hmm… You’ve been watching STAR TRECK lately!!!

  6. Joshua W Avatar
    Joshua W

    I also like your STAR TREK thing. Bye!!!

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