It’s Not about Me

It was late Saturday night on June 20th and the phone rang. It was my sister. It was a phone call that I knew would eventually come. My sister informed me that my father was at his end and probably would not make it through the night.

Through this journey of preparation for my father’s passing, there were two things that I’ve always known. Firstly that I would write a song for Dad and sing it at his funeral, secondly that I would be with Dad at his passing. Strangely enough I find myself about 250 miles away from him with no way of getting to him in time.

After the phone call from my sister, I spent some time talking with my wife, Robin, trying to decide what to do. It was during this time that the Lord unctioned me to start writing the song. The music came together in about 10 minutes and everything just seemed to flow. Now was the time to write the lyrics and this is where things got interesting. I felt someone inside me fighting against me and blocking my ability to put words to the song. I wanted to write a song for my dad, to honor his life and what he meant to me but the harder I tried, the worse things got. So I decided to just let the words flow and see what comes out. The problem was that what was coming out was not the words I wanted to sing, so again I fought against this force and tried to write the song for my dad.

Finally after some time, it was like the veil was removed from my mind and heart and I began to realize that my dad had come to me in his spirit. I did not have to get to Dad, he had gotten to me and the reason for the fight inside of me was that Dad wanted to write the words of this song through me. So I resisted the fight and allowed the song to flow out of me and allowed Dad to say what he had to say. To my surprise the lyrics that came out were a mixture of Dad and myself. Our two lives had become one and the song became a generational expression of what had begun in my father’s heart and now was continuing through my life.

After playing the song for the first time I also realized that my heavenly Father had His hand in this also and that this song is timely for the Body of Christ and the purpose for which we are all called.

I invite you to watch the video of the song entitled “It’s Not about Me” which was sung at Lake City Christian Centre during the Dick Mills weekend. God bless you and I would like to hear your thoughts about what the song speaks to you.

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