We live in a time where there is much spiritual awareness. Our culture is quickly discovering that there is a vacuum that exists in life that requires something beyond our natural abilities and talents to fulfill. The challenge we face in this season is to be a spiritual people (something in which the organized church is sometimes lacking) and not be moved or lured off of the foundation which is Christ.

The spiritual philosophies of the world today can sound very appealing and yes very tempting but at the heart of each philosophy we usually find self. Remember that in these last days, a spiritual hunger with many false Christs will appear (Mat. 24:24). People want the supernatural, people want a spiritual reality. The problem we face is that people want it their own way, and it is this idea of our own way that is the mark of the beast. You see, spirituality or lack of spirituality is not the problem; the problem lies in the hearts of people who are afraid to trust and open up their lives to others resulting in a spirituality that is self serving, self motivated and puts the focus on ourselves.

The only spirituality that can save the planet is a spirituality that is selfless, lives for the benefit of others, is not concerned about it’s own success but the success of others, a spirituality that is ever growing, ever learning, a spirituality that doesn’t have to be right all the time but will always be there in the right time. Such spirituality can only be found in the Father heart of God through His Son Jesus Christ, revealed through a collective expression of individuals living for each other’s welfare in the higher purpose of The Father’s ultimate intention being manifest in each and every life. For such a concept to come to fruition, the measuring rod must continually be applied; and that measuring rod, which is our foundation, is Christ and Christ alone!






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