Insights 2014

On November 4th of this year (2013) I had a very significant dream. Firstly I would like to say that I believe that God speaks to us and reveals thing to us in dreams and visions. Anyways, back to the dream. In this dream I found myself flying (something like Superman), this in itself is not unusual as I have been flying in my dreams for as long as I can remember but the unique thing about this dream is that for the first time in 53 years I was able to land. It was not a pretty landing; in fact I landed on my belly and slid until I stopped.

I remember waking up excited from this dream; you see in scripture when something goes up in the air it often represents going from the natural into the spiritual, from the seen into the unseen, transversely when something comes down from the sky it often represents going from the spiritual (unseen realm) to manifesting in the natural (seen realm). This is significant as we are entering a season of manifestation of the unseen.

2014 will be a year where the unusual becomes usual. It’s going to be a year like no other year where you’re going to have to trust God and not your senses. Things of God will be missed by many. Those who will go after God in the things they can’t understand will go into a new horizon, because of that, many will come into the kingdom – not necessarily the church. Don’t preconceive; be open. Many will reject because of the unusual. God says to embrace the unusual. It’s in the unusual that you will find life and life more abundantly. It’s in the unusual becoming usual.

2014 will be a year of big upset. Many will condemn and criticize what God is doing. Remember, the landing wasn’t pretty. God is not concerned with how pretty you look while landing. He’s concerned with landing through you.

Pay attention to the unusual things that you see and hear. Pay attention for God to speak to you in many different ways. Pay attention to the new people who come across your path who are unusual too. Pay attention as all things become new!







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